Backerhaus Veit Ltd

Backerhaus Veit Ltd

Backerhaus Veit Ltd

Address: 70 Whitmore Rd.,
Woodbridge, ON, L4L 7Z4, Canada
Phone: (905) 850-9229
Fax: (905) 850-9292
In 1927, the Veit family started a small bakery in Stuttgart, Germany. Since then, this venture expanded to over thirty locations in Germany, representing a multi-million dollar business.

In 1987 this family’s long history of excellence in bread making was brought to North America when Sabine C Veit, the granddaughter of the founder, established Bäckerhaus Veit (meaning the ‘Veit house of fine bakers’) in Toronto, Canada.

With her family’s history in bread making, growing the business in Canada, came naturally to Sabine. A reputation for quality and consistency of the signature European breads, rolls and pretzels was quickly built and demand soon outgrew capacity. Sabine’s dream of reaching out to a wider customer base took shape in mid 1993 with the opening of a 33,000 sq. ft. facility in Woodbridge, just north of Toronto, using equipment and technology from Europe.

Over the years, Bäckerhaus Veit, through it’s commitment to excellence in products and customer service, has successfully integrated the quality and tradition of Old World recipes with the efficiency and consistency facilitated by today’s technology.

Our team of European trained Master Bakers oversees production lines and ongoing research and development projects. A continuing Research and Development program ensures that our customers have access to innovative and healthy products. The skill and flexibility that our Master Bakers bring to bread making, combined with the use of advanced technology and a commitment to customer satisfaction, allows us to produce bread in a wide range of flavors and formats to meet our customer needs.

The current customer base in North America encompasses all areas of the food industry. These include independent retailers, local chain stores and larger regional and national chain store groups. A strong emphasis is also placed on the foodservice sector including restaurants, hotels, caterers and regional and national foodservice chains serviced through distributors. Other opportunities include manufacturing for private label, export and co-packing arrangements.

Bäckerhaus Veit will continue to lead the way in consistently providing customers with the best tasting, premium quality baked goods. Our commitment to quality and innovation through research and development, and our goal of customer satisfaction through service excellence, guarantees this.

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